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White Star Climbing Rose

Sale price£25.00

‘White Star’ is a delightfully coloured climbing rose just waiting for a chance to shine!

White is known as the best colour for climbing roses, as it stands out so well when compared to other shades.

‘White Star’ bursts to life in the early weeks of summer and continues throughout the warm months and even into autumn, thanks to its long flowering period, with the chance of up to three flushes in a single season!

Double open blooms, with playfully yellow stamens, sit proudly above a healthy leaf. This variety is a fabulous starting point for any beginner gardeners, thanks to its vigorous, yet tidy, growth.

Registered name: Harquill

We always endeavour to provide beautifully formed plants; however, our roses will naturally start to lose their leaves from October to prepare for the colder months. Do not worry though, as they will flourish once again with leaves and buds in the spring.

Size: Up to 12ft (360cm) 
Rose Type: Climbing Rose
Flowering: Repeat Flowering
Fragrance: Medium Fragrance
Colour: Pure White
white star rose
White Star Climbing Rose Sale price£25.00