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Tiki Jewellery

Handmade in Brighton, this fun, colourful jewellery is inspired by the art deco movement and mid-century modern design - with a 21st century sophistication.

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TK Lunula Bracelet Teal/White Medium Glyndebourne ShopLunula Bracelet Teal & White
Tangerine & White Lunula Bracelet Glyndebourne ShopTangerine & White Lunula Bracelet Glyndebourne Shop
Teal & Black Lunula BraceletTeal & Black Lunula Bracelet Glyndebourne Shop
Black & White Lunula BraceletBlack & White Lunula Bracelet
Lime & White Lunula Bracelet Lime & White Lunula Bracelet
Lime Zazou Cuff Bangle Glyndebourne ShopLime Zazou Cuff Bangle Glyndebourne Shop
Black, White & Lime Nabu Pendant Necklace Glyndebourne Shop