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Merrythought Bears, a loyal companion through life

Merrythought, a teddy bear company started in 1930 by Gordon Holmes, prides itself on the promise that appeared in their very first catalogue, ‘Quality, Courtesy and Service’. Over 90 years later, ...

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The Glyndebourne Rose

Rosa Glyndebourne is a modern stunningly elegant shrub rose with soft, creamy colours of a light peachy pink centre fading delicately to an almond shade on the outer petals flowering in a tradition...

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Making our Glyndebourne wreaths

Take home a piece of Glyndebourne this Christmas with our exclusive hand-made wreaths. We’ve been working with head gardener Kevin Martin to make beautiful hand-made wreaths, available to buy at th...

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Alej Ez - Love life, love art

The subject of Alej’s work comes from the surrounding physical, cultural and emotional world. He takes time to stand and stare, and to find an order in the chaos around. He works his way through th...

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Head Over Heels In Love. The Glyndebourne Story

In December 1930, John Christie planned to give the latest in a series of amateur operatic excerpts in the Organ Room at Glyndebourne. However, for the first time, he hired two professional singers...

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David Hockney-Inspired Glyndebourne Collection

Glyndebourne Shop has created an exquisite collection featuring David Hockney’s classic designs from The Rake’s Progress.   Ever since its premiere in Venice in 1951, the visual identity of Igor S...

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A pattern for Glyndebourne: inspired by the Organ Room

The ceiling of the Organ Room at Glyndebourne is a thing of great beauty, constructed a century ago to the exacting specifications of our founder, John Christie. Here we take a look at the origins ...

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