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Picnic Tableware

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Strawberry Salad bowlStrawberry Salad bowl
Strawberry Salad Bowl Sale price£16.00
Strawberry Serving Paddle BoardStrawberry Serving Paddle Board
Strawberry Dipping Bowls
Strawberry Dipping Bowls Sale price£20.00
Strawberry Jug
Strawberry Jug Sale price£12.00
Blue Bootie Cotton Napkin Glyndebourne ShopBlue Bootie Cotton Napkin Glyndebourne Shop
Blue Bootie Cotton Napkin Sale price£5.95
Bee Butter KnifeBee Butter Knife
Bee Butter Knife Sale price£18.00
Bee Cheese KnifeBee Cheese Knife
Bee Cheese Knife Sale price£20.00
Mouse Cheese KnifeMouse Cheese Knife
Mouse Cheese Knife Sale price£18.00
Silver Mouse Picks & HoldersSilver Mouse Picks & Holders
Silver Champagne Cork KeeperSilver Champagne Cork Keeper
Top Hat & Cane Olive PicksTop Hat & Cane Olive Picks
Top Hat & Cane Olive Picks Sale price£40.00
Gold Mouse Picks & HoldersGold Mouse Picks & Holders
Gold Mouse Picks & Holders Sale price£45.00
Bee Salad ServersBee Salad Servers
Bee Salad Servers Sale price£50.00
Set of Four Bee Honeycomb Coffee SpoonsSet of Four Bee Honeycomb Coffee Spoons
Bee Honey DrizzlerBee Honey Drizzler
Bee Honey Drizzler Sale price£22.00
Set of Four Bee Napkin RingsSet of Four Bee Napkin Rings
Brass Bee Bottle OpenerBrass Bee Bottle Opener
Brass Bee Bottle Opener Sale price£24.00
Stag Head Wine Bottle StopperStag Head Wine Bottle Stopper
Brass Bee Bottle StopperBrass Bee Bottle Stopper
Bee Bottle Stopper Sale price£26.00
Gold Bee Bottle Opener Glyndebourne ShopGold Bee Bottle Opener Glyndebourne Shop
Gold Bee Bottle Opener Sale price£12.00
Gold Hare Bottle Opener Glyndebourne ShopGold Hare Bottle Opener Glyndebourne Shop
Gold Hare Bottle Opener Sale price£12.00
Flora Vase Glyndebourne ShopFlora Vase Glyndebourne Shop
Flora Vase Sale price£16.00
Die Zauberflöte Glyndebourne Tray
White Cracked Indoor Urn PlanterWhite Cracked Indoor Urn Planter
Clear Picnic Dinner Plate
Clear Picnic Pitcher
Clear Picnic Tumbler
Clear Picnic Bowl
Clear Picnic Wine Glass
Acrylic Gin Picnic Glass Glyndebourne ShopAcrylic Gin Picnic Glass Glyndebourne Shop
Acrylic Gin Picnic Glass Sale price£3.75
Ribbed  Cocktail GlassRibbed  Cocktail Glass
Ribbed Cocktail Glass Sale price£14.00
Margarita Ribbed GlassMargarita Ribbed Glass
Ribbed Margarita Glass Sale price£14.00
Ribbed Wine Glass Glyndebourne ShopRibbed Wine Glass
Ribbed Wine Glass Sale price£12.00
Ribbed Gin Glass Glyndebourne ShopRibbed Gin Glass
Ribbed Gin Glass Sale price£12.00
Ribbed Glass Champagne Saucer Glyndebourne ShopRibbed Glass Champagne Saucer
Ribbed Glass Champagne Flutes Glyndebourne ShopRibbed Glass Champagne Flutes
Grasmere Crystal Champagne CoupeGrasmere Crystal Champagne Coupe
Grasmere Crystal Tall Champagne FluteGrasmere Crystal Tall Champagne Flute
Grasmere Crystal Double Old Fashioned TumblerGrasmere Crystal Double Old Fashioned Tumbler
Glyndebourne Cheese Board Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Cheese Board Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Cheese Board Sale price£45.00
Glyndebourne Champagne Stopper Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Champagne Stopper Glyndebourne Shop
3 in 1 Professional Waiter's Bottle Opener Glyndebourne Shop3 in 1 Professional Waiter's Bottle Opener Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Seville Marmalade Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Seville Marmalade Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Garden Chutney Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Garden Chutney Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Berry Preserve Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Berry Preserve Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Tomato & Red Pepper Relish Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Tomato & Red Pepper Relish Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Festival 2023 'Unheard Melodies' Mug Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Festival 2023 'Unheard Melodies' Mug Glyndebourne Shop
Glyndebourne Festival 2023 'Unheard Melodies' Tea Towel Glyndebourne ShopGlyndebourne Festival 2023 'Unheard Melodies' Tea Towel Glyndebourne Shop