The Rake's Progress (1951) CD


The Rake's Progress (1951) CD

Igor Stravinsky

Robert Craft

Orchestra of St. Luke's

Anne Trulove: Jayne West

Tom Rakewell: Jon Garrison

Father Trulove: Arthur Woodley

Nick Shadow: John Cheek

Mother Goose: Shirley Love

Baba the Turk: Wendy White 

Robert Craft first met Stravinsky on the same day that Auden delivered the completed libretto to the composer, and was directly involved in what he describes as ''the first step'' in the composition of The Rake's Progress. This was principally with regard to helping Stravinsky master the pronunciation, vocabulary and rhythms of the English text, and sharing the composer's excitement as the brilliantly conceived score took shape.

CD 1 playing time: 74:37

CD 2 playing time: 53.32

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