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Hand Bell Christmas Crackers

Sale price£35.00

These wonderful over-sized Hand Bell Christmas Crackers contain not only a hat and a joke, but a different musical note hand bell that allows you to create your own musical band.


Inside each handmade cracker you will find a different coloured metal handbell each with a different ring plus numbered badge which everyone should wear. Nominate someone to be the conductor who, following the simple numbered music sheet and using the enclosed baton, points at each person (depending on their badge number) to ring their bell. The result: beautiful music....or total chaos!

If less than 8 people are present then some will need to have 2 or more different handbells to ring.

Box of 8 crackers

Size: 35cm 

Made in UK

Hand Bell Christmas Crackers Glyndebourne Shop
Hand Bell Christmas Crackers Sale price£35.00