Firle from Glynde Emerald Skies Limited Edition Print by Alej Ez


Firle from Glynde Emerald Skies Limited Edition Print

By Alej Ez

Colour is applied digitally from an original ink drawing, printed on fine art paper using archival inks.

Limited edition of 100

Digital print

124 x 30.5cm



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Alejandro Martinez known as Alej Ez (b.1973) is a Brighton based architect and printmaker. Born in Granada, Spain, his early years were spent in Cadiz before he trained in architecture at the Universidad de Sevilla in 1999. Moving to the UK a year later, Ez worked for Rick Mather’s Architects and MSMR architects in London and Archangels Architects in Brighton. He is currently a member of the Studio Green House Art Cooperative. Ez’s practice is threefold. Firstly, he draws or takes photographs of coastal views, landscapes and buildings, then translates these into delicate line ink drawings in his studio before scanning and adding colour digitally. A limited edition run of each print is then produced. Ez’s architectural training is clear in his prints - the delicate use of line, the precision of structures and forms, the scale and sense of space conveyed in colour and tone. But these are more than just aerial views of much loved places. Ez’s meticulous colour blocking and rhythmic use of line command an emotional response, a delight in a treasured memory, of making space and sense in the world.

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