Cherry Wood Glyndebourne Dye Garden Silk Scarf


Cherry Wood Glyndebourne Dye Garden Silk Scarf

Jenny Mercer from the Costume department and Andrea Benson from the Gardening team have been collaborating since 2018 with the aim of improving sustainability practices in the Dye department which uses plants from the garden to dye Glyndebourne costumes.

A dedicated dye garden was created in 2019 to provide specific plant material, with some still foraged from the larger Glyndebourne estate.

For Festival 2023 this Glyndebourne collaboration has created two dye garden silk scarves. This Cherry Wood Silk Scarf was dyed from a cherry bark branch that had to be removed due to storm damage. The wood was chipped and what was not needed for dyeing was composted. 

Dry clean only

Size 143x38cm

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