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Article: Making our Glyndebourne wreaths

Making our Glyndebourne wreaths

Take home a piece of Glyndebourne this Christmas with our exclusive hand-made wreaths. 

Christmas wreaths have been a staple tradition since the 19th century and are the perfect festive edition to any front door. Originally known as ‘welcome rings’, they represent peace, hope and love. 

We’ve been working with head gardener Kevin Martin to make beautiful hand-made wreaths, available to buy at the Glyndebourne shop this Christmas. Each wreath is made by Kevin using foliage and flowers from the Glyndebourne gardens. The wreaths celebrate the Glyndebourne gardens and make a perfect festive addition  to any front door.  

We caught up with Kevin in his workshop to get an insight into how he makes his wreaths - read on to find out more.

Kevin wraps moss around a pre-made wreath ring



First off Kevin wraps generous handfuls of damp moss around a pre-made hoop and secures it with twine to create a base that will help prevent the foliage from withering.




 He then gathers and prepares his foliage that has all been foraged from the Glyndebourne gardens. Although there is plenty of choice, Kevin prefers to keep things traditional: Holly with red berries, conifer, bay, pittosporum and viburnum flowers. All the foliage is symbolic at Christmas-time, and the different textures make them a perfect seasonal combination for a wreath with a natural look.

Kevin begins with his foraged conifer, placing the stems into the moss and wrapping twine around to secure them. On top of the conifer he intertwines holly and bay. Finally he adds the pastel pink viburnum flowers to add a splash of colour. Kevin finds the process of building the wreaths very therapeutic, and the fact  the wreaths are fully sustainable, having been  foraged from the gardens he spends most of his time in makes it even more special.

Making of a Glyndebourne wreath

If you’d like to add your own festive touch to your wreath, Kevin recommends adding pieces of Rosemary for a subtle scent, and Olive, as it represents peace. Pine cones, dried orange and cinnamon sticks are also good traditional festive options. Then add the perfect festive finishing touch by hanging the wreath with a big red bow. 

Christmas at Glyndebourne is a special time, and every year Kevin makes wreaths to decorate the Glyndebourne house. He never gets bored of making them, as they are the perfect way to welcome visitors, celebrate the seasonal evergreen, and of course to get into the festive spirit. 

Glyndebourne Wreath on a door

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