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Article: The Glyndebourne Rose

The Glyndebourne Rose

For many years, roses have been named after people and places of great importance and prestige - this includes Glyndebourne.

The Glyndebourne Festival effortlessly combines both music and nature through its opera it presents on stage and its stunning gardens. The Glyndebourne Gardens are often referred to as the 7th performance of the Glyndebourne Festival Season and looked after year-round with great care by Head Gardener Kevin Martin and his team of highly skilled gardeners. 

Created as a tribute to the late Lady Christie, the Mary Christie Rose Garden is the most recently developed area of the gardens with roses in bloom from early spring until late autumn. 

The evolution of Glyndebourne’s own rose took two summers incorporating a team from Glyndebourne and Philip Harkness, a rose expert. The idea behind the type of rose was to develop one that would grow beautifully in both a patio environment and a country garden. In addition, there was a desire to create a rose that was robust, long flowering and that could withstand long periods of hot sunshine and strong winds - both of which often occur during the Glyndebourne Festival season. Along with green healthy foliage, the final touch was to ensure that the rose had a beautiful scent.

Lady Christie had a great passion for the Glyndebourne gardens and it was Lady Christie who gave the approval from which was born Rosa Glyndebourne.  

Rosa Glyndebourne is a modern stunningly elegant shrub rose with soft, creamy colours of a light peachy pink centre fading delicately to an almond shade on the outer petals flowering in a traditional old-English variety. The blooming period from May until September lasts the full Glyndebourne Festival season and the blooms tend to have around 75 petals each. The petals are beautifully firm, creating a captivating structure which helps to form the wonderful cupped flower shape.

In the winter of 2011 Lady Christie and Danielle de Niese planted the first Rosa Glyndebourne near the Organ Room where the beautiful perfume could be enjoyed by audience members.

Being such a beautiful, soft colour, the Rosa Glyndebourne is a beautiful addition to a country or patio garden alike. Being visually beautiful and having a delicious scent, this is a lovely gift for yourself or for a friend and can be purchased from the Glyndebourne Shop for £20.

Shop the Glyndebourne Rose here.

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