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INTRODUCINGGlyndebourne Encore

Ever wanted the performance to start again the moment it ends? The ‘it can’t be over’ feeling afflicts our audiences a lot. This is why we created Glyndebourne Encore – a catalogue of our world-class operas available to watch in full, on demand. If that’s not enough, we’ve crafted Encore to give you a different kind of experience. Every month we’ll delve deep into an individual opera, involving you with revealing insights and interviews so you can enjoy it to its fullest. New films of future Glyndebourne productions are also included in your subscription.



Exquisite Glyndebourne Ottoman Silks Collection

Discover more about the exclusive Glyndebourne collaboration with Ottoman Silks. Combining Eastern influences with contemporary aesthetics, each piece in the collection features the Anima design which was originally hand woven for Sultan Selim II (1524-1547). Like their opulent beginnings, the collection has been tailored and produced to delight and impress in equal measure.


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