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TK Lunula Bracelet Teal/White Medium Glyndebourne ShopLunula Bracelet Teal & White
Lapis Lazuli Tab BraceletLapis Lazuli Tab Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Tab Bracelet Sale price£380.00
Lapis Pear 40mm Pendent & Gold ChainLapis Pear 40mm Pendent & Gold Chain
Lapis Pear 25mm Pendant & Gold ChainLapis Pear 25mm Pendant & Gold Chain
Lapis Lazuli  Teardrop EarringsLapis Lazuli  Teardrop Earrings
Large Round Lapis EarstudsLarge Round Lapis Earstuds
Large Round Lapis Earstuds Sale price£180.00
Square Lapis Lazuli Earstuds
Lapis Lazuli Solid 9ct Gold Nugget Necklace
Lapis Lazuli and Solid 9ct Gold Nugget Bracelet
Vintage Glass Disc Necklace
Vintage Glass Disc Necklace Sale price£420.00
Vintage Glass Disc Oval Earrings
Antique Glass Button Necklace
Antique Glass Button Earrings
Antique Glass Button Bracelet