Teal & White Nabu Studs


These teal and ivory white Nabu studs are minimalist circular earrings. They are composed of a teal coloured circle, which has been cast in an ivory white resin. They are  shaped on a belt sander, then hand sanded to a lovely smooth finish.

The studs are fitted with sterling silver pins and the backs are made from smooth plastic pads with a sterling silver centre. The pushback ensures a secure, sturdy fit and comfortable adjustment.

Colour: teal and ivory white

Size: D1.5cm

Packaged in a beautiful Glyndebourne box

Please note that each design is a handmade one-off piece and the patterns may vary from the photographs. You can rest assured that your piece is unique.

Each piece is handmade in Brighton by Tiki Jewellery whose main medium is polyester resin combined with oxidised sterling silver. Inspired by the art deco movement and mid century modern design, a contemporary collection has been created, whilst adding a 21st century sophistication.

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