The Mulberry Bees

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The Mulberry Bees 
The Mulberry Bees is a beautifully illustrated children’s book, inspired by Glyndebourne.
The authors are two Glyndebourne staff members, Rich Joyner & Bethany Moore. Rich Joyner also provides the illustrations.
"Uh-oh," thinks Figaro. "Look who's come..."
Take a trip to the countryside for an exciting performance in a theatre surrounded by hills. It's show time for the orchestra, the audience and the singers on the stage... but watch out! Things are about to get a bit sticky! |When some unexpected guests create a big buzz in the theatre, it's up to the Maestro to conduct an expedition to safety. But what could be waiting outside in the sunshine?  And what could be hiding in that crooked old tree in the garden..?
Enchanting’ - Gus Christie, Executive Chairman, Glyndebourne Opera House.

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