Falling Blossom Lapel Pin

£50.00 £125.00

This ‘Falling Blossom’ Lapel Pin was made by Jean Scott-Moncrieff exclusively for Glyndebourne. The collection was inspired by the beautiful gardens at Glyndebourne, particularly the orchard and watching the delicate, haphazard way the blossom petals fall as they drift down in the breeze.

All of Jean’s pieces are handmade in Sussex. She starts by applying a fine texture to a sheet of silver or sheet of 24 carat gold over silver. Then, using a jeweller’s saw, she pierces out each oval shape, which is then curved using a boxwood punch with a swage block. The ‘petals’ are carefully arranged on top of each other and soldered together before the fittings are attached. Hand finished using very fine emery papers and a steel burnisher to polish the edge of each petal.

As every piece is made by hand there are slight variations which makes each one unique. All hallmarked at the London Assay Office

Material: 24 carat Gold and Silver

Size: Small - 1cm x 1cm  Medium - 1cm x 1.2cm  Large - 1.2cm x 1.5cm

Handmade in Sussex

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