Gold Handmade Silk & Bamboo Pocket Square

£44.00 £110.00

Textile Designer Kathryn Green has created a stunning collection of beautiful hand-dyed silk and bamboo pocket squares exclusively for Glyndebourne. The strong shapes in her designs are inspired by the dynamic forms of the sculptures and plantings on the grounds which are complemented by the softer, more organic shapes and colours of the flowers and lake. The result is a unique layering of texture, shape and colour to reflect the experience of being at Glyndebourne.

Due to the unique dying process the pocket square you receive may appear slightly different to the one pictured.

Material: High quality silk and bamboo mix

Size: 35 x 35cm

Care: Dry clean only

Kathryn Green is a textile designer who handmakes her own range of unique and exquisite products. Each pocket square is hand-dyed onto a high quality silk and bamboo mix fabric using a series of Shibori and print processes to create layers of colour and texture, meaning each is different. Kathryn’s life and work experiences are diverse, each one contributing to her development and personal understanding, which she draws on for her textiles, as she states, “I am my experiences.” Kathryn’s life is one full of contrasts and contradictions and these contradictions are reflected in her work – splashes of colour against a monochrome background, circles alongside squares, minute detail in an immense space. The variations found in the natural world have a deep influence on her designs.

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