Glyndebourne Ottoman Silks

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Ottoman Silks founder Ros Pollock first encountered the exquisite patterns of the Sultan’s kaftans at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Inspired, she then began working with the best silk mills in the Turkey to create ancient Ottoman Empire patterns that hadn’t been made in centuries.


Men's Silks


These exclusive Glyndebourne Ottoman Silks pieces combine Eastern influences with contemporary aesthetics. The patterned ‘Siyah Amina’ fabric comes from a black silk variation of the traditional Amina design, which is made up of a lattice of tulips and medallions repeated horizontally. The design was origionally created for the robes of Sultan Selim II (1524 - 1547).



Our design is expertly replicated and woven on jacquard looms in Bursa, Turkey’s silk capital. With over 500 years of history, this intricate design encapsulates the imperial luxury of its time.

Like their opulent beginnings, each piece in the collection has been made to impress. 



Author: Mel Twigger - Assistant Web Merchandiser