As with many things this summer, Art at Glyndebourne 2020 marks a series of firsts for Gallery 94. This is our first fully virtual exhibition, and also the first time we’ve showcased so many new artists working in different mediums - ceramics, printmaking and painting.


Silent Murmurs Swell by Tania Rutland
A selection of Silent Murmurs Swell by Tania Rutland

The core of this virtual exhibition is a group of 11 exceptional women artists who were asked to create work inspired by forces of nature. The resulting exhibition is a riot of colour, texture and composition, exploring the minutiae of flowers to the majesty of the sea. Among the selected artists are emerging painters, from Scottish graduate Kathryn Johnson - whose works capture the waters, mountains and rainforests of Panama in gossamer detail - to Rosie Lascelles, whose exuberant paintings of the South Downs are technicoloured and lilting.


Down From Mount Caburn by Rosie Lascelles
Down From Mount Caburn by Rosie Lascelles

There are also works by more established artists on display, including new vessels by highly acclaimed ceramicist Tanya Gomez, a series of prints by Rachel Gracey RE (elected member of The Royal Society of Painters-Printmakers) and dynamic oval paintings by Heather Chontos, whose tantalizing works have been exhibited internationally.

South South West 9 by Rachel Gracey
South South West 9 by Rachel Gracey

Alongside these women, are some established Glyndebourne favourites, with new landscape paintings by Tom Homewood, Julian Sutherland-Beatson and Paul Evans. As ever we continue to support artistic talent from Sussex and are proud that more than half of this year’s artists live or work close to Glyndebourne.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more Inside Stories exploring the work, practice and artistic influences of each exhibiting artist. There will also be an opportunity to see inside some of our artists’ studios whilst they work in isolation - another first for the Art at Glyndebourne programme.

You can explore all of the artists' works in our online gallery.

Nerissa Taysom - Curator