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Inside Stories

  1. Glyndebourne Picnic Collection

    Glyndebourne Picnic Collection

    Celebrating Glyndebourne, our exclusive collection of plates, bowls, travel mugs, jams and chutneys have been made with al fresco dining in mind.

    Enjoy 30% off and explore our bundles to make your picnic experience extra special.

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  2. Our exclusive Glyndebourne Ottoman Silks collection

    Glyndebourne Ottoman Silks Collection

    Learn more about the exclusive Glyndebourne collaboration with Ottoman Silks. Each piece in the collection features the Anima design which was originally hand woven for Sultan Selim II (1524 - 1547). Like their opulent beginnings, each piece has been tailored and produced to delight and impress in equal measure. 


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  3. Kathryn Green Textiles: Handmade Scarves

    Exquisite collection of handmade scarves by Kathryn Green

    Kathryn Green's life experience has been full of contrasts and contradictions, which is reflected in her work – splashes of colour against a monochrome background, circles alongside squares, minute detail in an immense space.


    Diane Halling


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  4. Interview with Ann Edwards of Mame Huku

    Interview with Ann Edwards of Mame Huku

    Ann Edwards is the owner of Mame Huku, sourcing and collecting vintage Japanese textiles and curating collections of kimonos, bags and fans for Glyndebourne. Ann is also an established artist, creating the whimsical characters for our condiment collection. We speak to her about how her love of Japanese textiles began and the inspiration behind her quirky designs.


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  5. This Autumn At Glyndebourne

    This Autumn At Glyndebourne

    A central part of the Glyndebourne experience is encountering contemporary art within our grounds , whether visiting Gallery 94 next to the auditorium, discovering extraordinary sculpture in our gardens or art inspired gifts in our Glyndebourne Shop.


    Nerissa Taysom


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  6. Hockney-Inspired Collection

    Hockney Inspired Collection

    Since its premiere in 1975, Cox and Hockney’s collaborative production has become what many have called ‘the definitive Rake’s Progress’, seen and enjoyed around the world in many incarnations. In anticipation of its return home for Festival 2020, Glyndebourne commissioned a collection of products featuring the designs.


    Poppy Squire


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  7. Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Michele Fletcher

    Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Michele Fletcher

    Fascinated by flora and fauna, Michele Fletcher's paintings distill the colours and forms of plantlife with a kaleidoscopic beauty. Curator Nerissa Taysom caught up with Fletcher to hear more about her practice, artistic inspirations and what she’s been listening to during lockdown.


    Nerissa Taysom - Curator


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  8. Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Tanya Gomez

    Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Tanya Gomez

    Last year we introduced ceramics to Gallery 94, a decision partly informed by the deep history of potters working in and around Lewes. You only have to think of Quentin Bell at Charleston or the pioneering James Tower in his Barcombe studio, developing a practice inspired by the windswept coastlines and undulating hills of Sussex, ‘hymns to the beauty of the natural world’. Likewise, the award-winning ceramicist Tanya Gomez has also set up her studio in Lewes, drawn to the sea nearby and access to the South Downs.


    Nerissa Taysom - Curator


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  9. Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Lesley Birch

    Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Lesley Birch

    This summer, we made the decision to radically change our approach for Art at Glyndebourne as we took our exhibition programme online and created our first digital showcase. In the same way, many of our exhibiting artists have used lockdown as a time to explore different techniques and ways of working. With ‘nothing to do but paint’, artist Lesley Birch has seen lockdown as an opportunity to experiment with how she records her creative practice. In this blog, she describes how a new series of landscape paintings for Glyndebourne were created and the experience of finding focus in a strange time.


    Nerissa Taysom - Curator


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  10. Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Kathryn Johnson

    Art at Glyndebourne 2020: Kathryn Johnson

    The painter Kathryn Johnson is a relative newcomer to the art world. Graduating last year from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, her inclusion in the prestigious FBA Futures 2020 exhibition at the Mall Galleries, proves she is already an artist to watch. Johnson has created five large-scale paintings for Glyndebourne, each made in response to a residency she attended in Panama last year.

    Nerissa Taysom - Curator

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