Our exclusive Glyndebourne alfresco dining range

Our exclusive Glyndebourne alfresco dining range features an all over pattern based on Glyndebourne's Organ Room ceiling design.

John Christie's Organ Room

John Christie specifically constructed an Organ Room in his home at Glyndebourne one hundred years ago, and it was here that the first hired opera singers performed. Now, the Organ Room ceiling has been adopted as a pattern by Glyndebourne shop, adorning opera scarves, bow ties, notebooks, the lining of leather goods and more. You will also see the pattern on all of the shop’s packaging, from jewellery boxes to bags.

You can read more about the Organ Room and its origins here.

Picnic Plate, Mug & Bowl

Combining sustainability, functionality and style, this eco-friendly range is designed to reduce plastic waste. Which is something that is extremely important to Glyndebourne.

Featured within the collection are our bamboo fibre picnicware, reusable water bottle and the recycled plastic cooler bags.

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Glyndebourne Cooler Tote and Bottle Carrier Bag

Glyndebourne Picnic collection



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