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The Exclusive La traviata Glyndebourne Jewellery Collection

Posted by Lois Speechly on

Welcome to the launch of our first ever Glyndebourne Shop blog! Here we will be giving you a monthly insight into our exclusive artist’s collections, meticulously designed and inspired by our operas. August holds the last production revival of Giuseppe Verdi’s 19th Century La traviata, and what could be a better feature to start these blogs than our unique jewellery collection designed by Reema Pachachi. Take a look at this stunning collection here on our Glyndebourne Shop website.

Reema Pachachi, an enthusiastic and passionate jewellery designer, who envisions her work as “a small architecture for the body. One that is easy to wear but makes a statement”. Reema is fascinated by the dynamic between the designer (herself) and the wearer (us) to bring her pieces alive through our own personalities.

“La traviata is an opera that eternally appeals to a sense of drama and romance. The flamboyance of the characters and the sheer sweep of the music is intoxicating like Violetta herself. This production is rich and seductive. For this exclusive collection, I felt it was important to make pieces both feminine and decorative but still strong and impactful.” 

You’ll see when you view Reema’s designs on our website that her visions for this collection were successful. Her pieces are both delicate yet powerful, the perfect combination for a statement jewellery piece that could either add, or make an outfit.

Reema’s “slightly, uncharacteristically pretty pieces” as she calls this unique collection, are “more decorative” to her typically “more architectural” style. This limited collection is therefore not only unique to our Glyndebourne Shop, but to Reema’s own designs, also exhibited through her original 19th Century materials in the production. 

I started by thinking about La traviata itself and particularly Violetta’s flamboyance and glamour. That helped me set a tone for the pieces. I wanted to make sure that the collection offered fine delicate pieces as well as bold ones.” 

Reema’s palette of soft rose gold and cool silver, emphasises Violetta’s fragility and youth. However, “the unexpected combination of wine red garnet and dove grey pearls” reflects Violetta’s more dominant, powerful characteristics, traits in jewellery that will make a delicate but bold statement. Click on Reema’s Multi Strand Garnet & Pearl Leaf Necklace to see what we mean. 

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Reema is comfortable in her production with silver and 18ct gold. But in this collection, she has gone that one extra mile out of her comfort zone, using a piece of silver which was engraved in low relief, with an original pattern from the 19th Century. “I cut around the leaves, in particular, and gave them some form and shape.” So you really won’t be able to find anything like this collection elsewhere!


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The Rose Gold Vermeil Leaf Drop Hoop Earrings are Reema’s favourite pieces from the collection. “I personally like strong styles and these suit me quite well. I also like the fact that they feel modern and bold, but because they are formed from carved leaves they still have the decorative look that references the era of La traviata”. 

Violetta, the high-class, Parisian heroine of La traviata, has inspired Reema’s jewellery collection, as well as our red ‘Gil Coat’. Similar to the one Violetta wears in the opera, our coat is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe to bring out your glamorous side. Click here for the link to the Gil Red Coat.

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If you missed the Glyndebourne stage performance of La traviata, then you can still enjoy the show on DVD or Blu-ray. Click here for the DVD/Blu-ray of Glyndebourne's La traviata.

Our shop offers limited edition products, produced and designed by the artists we work with. This blog allows us to share with you the personal stories behind our products, and what makes them so special. So be sure to read our future blogs on our collections and artists such as Grayson Perry and our Winter Collection launch, to follow in the next couple of months!