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From Bean to Bar: Glyndebourne Shop’s Delicious Award Winning Chocolate

Posted by Georgia Kent on

The Glyndebourne Shop loves to use local suppliers wherever possible so we were thrilled to discover J.Cocoa, an international award-winning, single origin, ‘bean to bar’ chocolatier, based nearby in Hassocks, West Sussex. Starting as a hobby, James, founder of J.Cocoa, sourced some Nicaraguan Cacao beans, roasting the beans in his kitchen oven and cooling with a desk fan. However, this good start didn’t continue as he ended with blowing up two blenders! James, realising that producing chocolate was more difficult than he originally thought, didn’t give up. After further attempts and repurposing an Indian spice grinder, he finally made chocolate!

After word spread about this delicious chocolate being created, coffee shops in Brighton were requesting supplies for their hot chocolate, and so began J.Cocoa!

Every chocolate has its own unique flavour profile, naturally occurring through the use of different cocoa bean varieties. J.Cocoa source the finest cocoa beans from around the world, trading directly with cocoa farmers to ensure they receive a true premium for their heritage crops. This not only helps to guarantee exceptional quality, but also goes back into education and community projects. 

Each cacao variety is then carefully crafted from scratch, taking 10-15 days, before being hand tempered on marble to create delicious chocolates with their own distinctive and exceptional flavours. Only Organic ingredients are added to the chocolate, with just 2-3 ingredients in the dark chocolate bars.

There are now seven varieties of chocolate available, including a coffee milk chocolate which won gold at the 2018 International Chocolate Awards. You can try them all with the chocolate library of all seven 40g bars, the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. 

This year we have an enticing milk chocolate Easter egg made exclusively for the Glyndebourne Shop by J.Cocoa with beautiful yellow decoration, a delightful gift this Easter.

James has taken is business one step further, J.Cocoa is a zero waste company, all packaging is glueless, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Any clear wrapping is made from potato and corn starch and all other packaging is made from recyclable, acid-free card which is lasercut in a way that means there is no need for glue.

Enjoy these Glyndebourne Shop chocolate treats by J.Cocoa

Chocolate Tasting Set

Chocolate Tasting Set - £8.50

                                   Glyndebourne Milk Chocolate Easter EggChocolate Library

                                               Glyndebourne Milk Chocolate                     Chocolate Library - £32

   Easter Egg - £25