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Art at Glyndebourne

Posted by Alice Roberton on

At Glyndebourne we are passionate about all forms of art, whether it be a lavish performance, the pure sound of a human voice or an artist’s impression of a practicing orchestra. This passion for art also extends beyond the stage. We work with an exciting range of local and international artists to produce original works, limited edition prints, collectable programme covers and a range of products and gifts.

444. Glyndebourne House 12.07.18

Our Art Gallery has been curated to compliment the Festival 2018 programme and is filled with stunning works from around a dozen artists. From Eileen Cooper OBE, an artist well regarded for her strong and passionate figuration, to the elegant Erté designs which have been applied to an exclusive collection of products, incorporating drawings from our 1980 production of Der Rosenkavalier.

In addition, our online gifts and books & stationery sections of the Glyndebourne Shop offer items as varied as placemats, tea-towels, greetings cards and jigsaw-puzzles.


Throughout this year’s Festival, the Glyndebourne Shop is celebrating the stage and costume design of Erté with an exclusive collection of limited edition products incorporating drawings from the 1980 production of Der Rosenkavalier. Russian-born Romain de Tirtoff was a prominent artist and designer, perhaps best known for his elegant, often Art Deco-inspired, designs. His delicate figures and sophisticated, glamorous designs have been worked into clothing, accessories, homewares and greeting cards for the Der Rosenkavalier by Erté Collection

Erté Der Rosenkavalier Director's ChairErté Der Rosenkavalier Characters TrayErté Der Rosenkavalier Stage Set Tea Towel Pair

Private Room at the Inn, Der Rosenkavalier Glyndebourne Production 1980 by Erté Greetings Card  Annina's Striped Dress, Der Rosenkavalier Glyndebourne Production 1980 by Erté Greetings CardHarper's Bazaar: Collectors' Edition For Glyndebourne

Take home or gift the Erté Der Rosenkavalier Director's Chair, Birchwood Characters Tray, 100% cotton Stage Set Tea Towels, the delightful greetings cards depicting the designs for the Private Room at the Inn and Annina's Striped Dress or the much sought after Harper's Bazaar Collectors' Edition For Glyndebourne.

To celebrate our exhibition of costume designs by Erté, we are giving away one of our exclusive director’s chairs in our Glyndebourne Shop Prize Draw.

Eileen Cooper

Having exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, Eileen Cooper became a Royal Academician in 2000 and in 2010 was elected Keeper of the Royal Academy 2011-2017; the first woman in this role since the Academy began in 1768. Her richly diverse images, simultaneously bold and tender, reveal a range of feeling that is both deeply engrossing and readily accessible, making her the perfect artist to capture life at Glyndebourne.

          Solo In Blue Limited Edition PrintBarefoot Duet Limited Edition Print

           Solo Noir Limited Edition Print  Shim Sham Shimmy Limited Edition Print

Our range of limited edition screen prints include Cooper’s Solo in Blue and Barefoot Duet; both prints of original woodcuts, showing performers in a vibrant state of physical movement. Solo Noir depicts the jaunty stance of a performer and his shadow whilst Shim Sham Shimmy portrays a veiled dancer. 

           Glyndebourne Festival Programme Book 2018    Glyndebourne Festival 2018 Mug 'Celia' by Eileen Cooper

Eileen created the much admired Celia to appear on the cover of our Festival 2018 Programme Book, the design of which we also applied to a fine bone china mug – both items make an ideal souvenir or gift.

Julian Sutherland-Beatson 

In 2008 Julian Sutherland Beatson began a year-long project painting Sussex landscapes - Sussex 365 - which culminated in 2010 with an exhibition of 200 paintings at Glyndebourne. Primarily working with acrylic, Julian returns to Glyndebourne in 2018 for an eighth year, painting day-to-day scenes of the Festival.

435. In The Auditorium 28.06.18 434. Flower Border 27.06.18 449. Glyndebourne House 17.07.18

Julian’s richly coloured paintings have continue to be incredibly popular with the Festival audience. His work is bold, full of life, and affordably priced. Choose from an extensive range of works including In The AuditoriumFlower Border and Glyndebourne House.

Glyndebourne Paintings 2011-2016 by Julian Sutherland-Beatson     Glyndebourne Notelets by Julian Sutherland Beatson The Old Green Room at Glyndebourne Jigsaw by Julian Sutherland-Beatson: 250 Pieces

Products bearing Julian’s work include the fantastic full-colour, hardback book, Glyndebourne Paintings 2011-2016, handy Glyndebourne Notelets and The Old Green Room 250 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle.

Polly Raynes

Watercolour artist Polly Raynes studied at Brighton Art College and has worked on some major projects. Her commissions include Reids Hotel Centenary year, Glyndebourne Picnic Book, French Wine Atlas, Royal Mint Building, and other international architectural projects. Her work with Glyndebourne has resulted is an extensive range of beautiful watercolours showing the flora, fauna and architectural views of Glyndebourne. They are available as original works or embellished onto exclusive products.

36. Lakeside Daisies 39. Terrace Walk 48. Stunning Tulips

With a wash of exquisitely blended colours and gentle brush strokes which encapsulate the whimsical romance of Glyndebourne, Polly’s one-off watercolours will bring Glyndebourne to life on your walls. Painted in April 2018, Lakeside Daisies and Terrace Walk, measuring 45cm x 55cm, and the larger Stunning Tulips, measuring 64cm x 82 cm, all come framed, glazed and ready to hang.

Glyndebourne Watercolour Placemats by Polly Raynes: Set of 4Glyndebourne Watercolour Napkins by Polly RaynesHot Border Greetings Card

Polly’s watercolour artworks have also transferred effortlessly onto a variety of homewares including a set of four matching placemats, paper napkins, and the Hot Border greetings card.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed curating this collection and we hope that you find a beautiful piece of Glyndebourne inspired artwork to adorn your home.