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About Us

Glyndebourne began in 1934 with a love story between John Christie, a maverick landowner and Audrey Mildmay, a beautiful young soprano. They shared a conviction that opera was something life-enhancing, vibrant and relevant. Especially – crucially – when it was executed with flair and a breathtaking attention to detail.

It was a vision that catapulted them far beyond the confines of East Sussex, onto the world stage. Glyndebourne is now one of the finest and most celebrated opera houses in the world, delivering performances to some 150,000 people across a summer Festival and an autumn Tour.

The Glyndebourne Shop opened to give audiences the chance to take home a momentum of their visit. Ever since it has ensured that the same attention to detail and creative flair is applied to choosing products and suppliers as the productions that grace our main stage. We now have hundreds of products online and in our shop from one-off pieces of art to beautifully crafted collections created exclusively for Glyndebourne.

Not only do the products reflect the creative excellence that audiences can enjoy in the auditorium but all profits from the Glyndebourne Shop are fed directly back to Glyndebourne so that we can continue to open all hearts and minds to this extraordinary art form.

What drives us are the same three words that have always been at the heart of Glyndebourne: No Ordinary Opera.